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Request membership in extension-EImage group for Want
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Please make sure that you read and understood , and provide all required information:

  • Your Gerrit username: Want
  • The Gerrit repository or repositories to which access is required: mediawiki/extensions/EImage
  • Your reason, including links to patches written and reviewed: I am new maintainer and developer of this project ( )

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I have problem with merge initial patch. May be is it my problem, because I do push before set rights for merge repository. Now is patch in state, where wait for Verify but for now not another member in the group, which can do it. I don't know, if abandon this review, , and try push with new review. This is link to review:

You are already a member of the extension-EImage group. Could you be more specific on what you're trying to do but don't have access to?

It may be not access problem, but procedure. I pushed initial code (link above), but repository is empty, because it wait - for Verify(?) I don't know what is need do for submit into master branch.

Want claimed this task.

Ha! I'm not very proficient in working with gerrit, so I didn't think to click on Reviewers, and set the necessary parameters to display the submit option.

Aklapper changed the task status from Resolved to Invalid.Mar 7 2023, 3:54 PM
Aklapper removed Want as the assignee of this task.