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Create template and process to create "blog posts"
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The main page of the Wiki Loves Living Heritage project features writings, reports and results of activities from around the world.

The process to create the pages and to display them on the main page, and to remove them when new content arrives:

  • The user fills in a Cradle form for the article with standard fields on a page that is not linked from the public pages.
  • The entry is read to a list of contributions on that page.
  • The listing produces a clickable link to a preloaded page.
  • The page is automatically placed in a subcategory in Wiki Loves Living Heritage
  • The user makes the page however is best and saves
  • The page is displayed on the main page based on some criteria

The main page

  • The main page listing is a Listeria list
  • The feature box template is styled to show up in a magazine-like layout.
  • Must think about how the translations behave.
  • Should there be several sections: One for activities and one for blog posts or mixed?
  • Create Wikidata items needed
  • Create Cradle form
  • Create a place for a starting location – in Orhanizers
  • Create page templates for all types
  • Create a magazine-like display on the main page for "blog posts"
  • Create lists (with highlighted items as boxes) for how-to's and best practices in Get inspired
  • Decide where the complete lists of all items is displayed