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Release note reading 2
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Read the release notes for any extensions with the word wikibase in the name. Note any configuration changes that may impact us or major changes to functionality.

current list of wikibase extentions loaded by wbstack:

  1. WikibaseInWikitext
  2. WikibaseEdtf
  3. Wikibaserepo/Wikibaseclient
  4. WikibaseManifest
  5. WikibaseCirrusSearch

Event Timeline

  • WikibaseInWikitext

Nothing that may impact us here as the latest change was in 2021.

  • WikibaseEdtf

Latest version Release here is 03-2022. No database changes or breaking change.

  • WikibaseManifest

This change imports a table but does not change it so I think it will not affect us.

  • WikibaseCirrusSearch

Found nothing here that could impact our upgrade to 1.38

  • Wikibase

1.38 has some configuration changes for dispatchChanges.php and pruneChanges.php maintenance script. This scripts are no longer used. I don't think this affect us but still worth the mention.

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