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Create page template for articles: blog posts, best practices and how-to's
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Information to include

Additional data for the different types (could be added manually in the article in a header template, for example)

Best practices

  • Who are the participants: Wikipedians online, locally, internationally, photographers, GLAM institutions, universities, NGOs, technology professionals, creators etc.
  • Impact: What is the ideal impact of the activity, freely formulated, taking into account all the participating groups
  • Typical amount of participants: Free text
  • Duration of the public-facing activities
  • Resources: Time and organizational capacity it takes to complete the project from start to finish
  • Examples: Links to projects and people who have used this scenario with the country, link also to Let's Connect

Blog posts

  • Time to read?
  • Keywords, categories. Maybe we allow freeform keywords and create some categories based on them if needed.
  • Related external resources such as projects, videos, Wikimedia Commons galleries or categories
  • Related internal resources such as best practices or how-to's. (See also)


  • Level: introductory, advanced
  • Introductory text: Learning outcomes in a nutshell
  • Platforms, tools, projects and environments involved: Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wiki Loves Living Heritage, OpenRefine.
  • How-to footer (Help make this better)
  • Related learning resources

See the Cradle form at

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