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Fallback language on Assamese Wikipedia
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Author: wikichaipau

The Fallback Language on the Assamese Wikipedia is currently set to Bengali. Even though the two languages share much (but not entirely) of the same script, the two languages are very different. Most users, editors and admins are more conversant with the English language than with the Bengali language. It would help all category of users to have English as the fallback language.

A poll was taken, which supported a change to English as the fallback language: 11-YES, 0-NO.

I request that the Fallback language be changed from Bengali to English in the Assamese Wikipedia.

If this is not the correct place to request this or this is not the correct procedure, kindly do advise.


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I believe this can only be changed for the entire Assamese language in MediaWiki, right, Siebrand?

wikichaipau wrote:

I don't see a problem in changing it for the entire Assamese language. If the current users do not download Mediawiki for their local uses in Assamese, no one else is likely to use it.

I removed the Bengali fallback in r98253.

It was originally set to Hindi and after bug 15670, Siebrand set it to Bengali although wikichaipau said there already it should be English.

wikichaipau wrote:


The status of this problem is resolved-fixed, but the fallback language on the Assamese Wikipedia is still Bengali.

Back to FIXED, it's done. although it's not pushed out onto the cluster yet.

wikichaipau wrote:

I changed the status to REOPENED. The previous solution is not acceptable to us. The previous solution was not what I had asked for. I asked for English as the fallback language, and not Bengali. Siebrand gave no explanation why Bengali was chosen. The current request is from active Wikipedians who are native speakers of the language.

Remarking FIXED, it's been changed back to English as per comment 3, it just hasn't been pushed to the cluster yet so its not noticeable to end users just yet, This will most likely be done in the next few days.

wikichaipau wrote:

I apologize for the confusion. I would like to record the revision number here for future reference: r98253