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.headerSort should have a padding accounting for the sortable icon to avoid icons through text
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After employing 1.18 last night, tables have the icons for sorting the contents running through the text of the header. (nl-wiki)

Greetings - Romaine

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal



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This happens when there is no width given to the columns, then it only takes the width of the text, and doesn't take into account that there should be some space for the sortable icon as well.

Both when there is and isn't a width, there is a padding added to the cell to take the icon into account.

The problem is that overrides the CSS and forces a 4px padding. should probably remove the styling for 'wikitable' because by keeping your own, it will not be updated automatically with the software. If you wish to have a custom styling, then use a custom class name, not the same as core.

From what I can see, the styling on is the same as in core, so it's redundant. You may wanna keep the lines for the old 'prettytable' since those are not in core. wrote:

Prettytable and wikitable are exactly the same on nl-wiki, and that is the way they are supposed to be. The core styling is customized, and that is they way we want to be it.

This can be eleviated by deploying r98069

Blegh, still not fixed.

We might have to !important the background options and the padding-right. Apparently people reguraly use per headercell style="background:color;" which totally overrides all improvements again.

Alternative ideas ?