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[Session] Introduction to the Wikibase REST API
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Hello @simon04 - glad to see you're interested in the session. I've noticed you might potentially want to discuss T273534 --please note that the API that will be described in the session does not use the mentioned Mediawiki REST API's handler class. We very much encourage you and invite to join the session about the REST API in Wikibase and on Wikidata but note that we might not be able to help much about that very bug.

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Session Notes:

An Introduction to the Wikibase Rest API

Date & time: Friday, May 19th at 11:00 am EEST / 8:00 am UTC

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Ollie Shotton
Muhammad Yasser Jazirahly



Goal of the rest api: make working with wikidata easier
Why a new wikibase? More people to use it!
Why it's hard? Homegrown API was hard to use

Wikibase Rest API to the rescue!

  • more standards,
  • better tailored to wikibase data model,
  • REST solves some issues
  • OpenAPI compliant

What you can do with the new API?

  • retrieve and filter different items and statements
  • more to come

How to use it

  • directly at wikidata or in local wikibase
  • example:

Looking up what endpoint to use in the swagger docs
PATCH statement in insomnia

What to watch out for
JSON structure has been improved

How to find out more information
Links at the top of the etherpad

Do you know if there are plans to do multiple items (get the same statement for multiple items)
not right now but it would be nice

what was the release date of the API?
Still in development (not offically released)

Do you have ideas on what the performance of it would be
not sure yet - anecdotally it seems faster than the Action API - would like to gather performance metrics at some stage

What is the relation to the query service?
Query service is doing many other things, also slow

Question about documentation?
Developer Documentation - links at top
Swagger - links at top

@Ollie.Shotton_WMDE: Thanks for participating in the Hackathon! We hope you had a great time.

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