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Wikipedia Library Server Error
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Cannot access The Wikipedia Library

Usually, I have the option of accessing various portals. I am presented with an error page instead

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Internal server error
Something went wrong.

Please email us about this error at or report it to us on Phabricator (?).

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Please can you remedy, in order that I can access the data.

Many thanks

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Samwalton9 added a subscriber: Samwalton9.

Confirming I see this issue when I attempt to log in.

I can now access it; looks like a temporary outage.

Thank you for facilitating its resolution!

Samwalton9 claimed this task.

Yep, this looks resolved. Thanks for updating @Keith_H99! We should be presenting a more useful error message in this case (a transient OAuth issue) instead of a server error so we're going to hotfix that.