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Message "protect-level-autoconfirmed"/"protect-level-sysop" should be used instead of "protect-fallback"
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When going to the protect action on any 1.18wmf1-wiki, MediaWiki fails to find the message for the special 'sysop' case.

This results in the interface being rendered with 'protect-fallback' instead which, as it should, assumes that the passed variable is a user right. However, sysop (which is internally mapped to 'protect' && 'editprotected'), is a user group and should have (and does have) a special dedicated interface message.

This works correctly for me in the development trunk, but on and this is currently failing. Perhaps something wrong with the localization ? Or a bug that was fixed but not backported from 1.19 to 1.18 ?

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The bug on


Screen_Shot_2011-09-28_at_10.16.52_PM.png (761×1 px, 281 KB)

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Working fine on 1.19-alpha


Screen_Shot_2011-09-28_at_10.17.46_PM.png (579×568 px, 49 KB)

Any idea what rev fixed this?

Fixed in r94761. Backported and live now.