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[DO NOT USE] Extensions awaiting code review to be deployed on Wikimedia wikis (tracking) [superseded by #wikimedia-extension-review-queue]
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Extensions awaiting Code Review before deployment on Wikimedia Wikis

Checklist for deployment



ReferenceSource BranchDest BranchAuthorTitle
repos/search-platform/cirrussearch-elasticsearch-image!4T332355maindcausseBump to plugin version to 7.10.2-5
repos/releng/dev-images!32elasticsearch-new-wmf-search-pluginsmaindcausseelasticsearch: use latest debian package for plugins
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So let's see how do you click one of these tasks now, if we still don't decide the replacement tag. (1.62 MB, very large)

MarcoAurelio renamed this task from Extensions awaiting code review to be deployed on Wikimedia wikis (tracking) to [DO NOT USE] Extensions awaiting code review to be deployed on Wikimedia wikis (tracking) [superseded by #wikimedia-extension-review-queue].Aug 26 2017, 9:43 AM
MarcoAurelio closed this task as Invalid.
MarcoAurelio lowered the priority of this task from High to Lowest.
MarcoAurelio removed a subscriber: wikibugs-l-list.
MarcoAurelio removed subtasks: T170728: Install Extension:OpenBadges on Test2.Wikipedia , T170198: Review and deploy QRLite Extension, T166858: Deploy "CloseMyAccount" extension to allow disabling/closing your own user account, T159708: Deploy WikibaseMediaInfo extension to production, T154371: Review and deploy Timeless skin, T156971: Deploy mediawiki-Dashiki extension to, T150184: Deploy TwoColConflict extension to production, T150185: Deploy ElectronPdfService Extension to production, T150183: Deploy InterwikiSorting extension to production, T150182: Deploy Cognate extension to production, T149765: Deploy WikipediaExtracts extension, T148693: Deploy IDS rendering engine to production, T148609: Review and deploy Linter extension to Wikimedia wikis, T144302: Release FileAnnotations on the Beta Cluster, T137786: Deploy IDS extension to zh.wikisource, T132058: 3d extension supporting STL (3d printing files), T130018: Review and deploy Extension:UploadsLink to Wikimedia Commons, T125338: Security and compliance with the Privacy Policy review of Extension:StopForumSpam to consider deployment on WMF wikis, T95954: Deploy Extension:Lockdown to the cluster and enable on OTRS Wiki, T120219: PageAssessments deployment to WMF wikis, T116676: Deploy RelatedArticles to all wikipedias (but enabled only in beta), T113169: Enable Extension:Editcount to be used on commons.wikimedia, T110661: Deploy QuickSurveys extension to the English Wikipedia, T110170: Goal: Deploy Newsletter extension in Wikimedia, T108501: Activate Extension:DeleteBatch and Extension:UndeleteBatch on en.Wikisource, T98029: Deploy PageBanner extension on English Wikivoyage project, T99357: [Story] Review and deploy Wikibase-Quality-External-Validation on, T99354: Review and deploy Wikibase-Quality-Constraints on, T99351: Review and deploy Wikibase-Quality on, T88261: Security review for Extension:Josa, T95041: Deploy CodeMirror extension to beta cluster, T90573: Review and deploy DynamicPageListEngine, T89216: Deploy Skin:Slate to production, T85672: Provide Extension:ExternalLinks on ar.wikipedia, T1272: Deploy ApiFeatureUsage extension on WMF wikis, T73597: Review and deploy IEG grant review application, T68226: Review and deploy the "In other projects sidebar" beta feature (part of Wikibase extension), T68133: Refactoring ZeroRatedMobileAccess into JsonConfig & ZeroBanner extensions, T68094: Deploy Mantle extension to WMF servers, T71019: Review and deploy BounceHandler extension to Wikimedia wikis, T67849: Review and deploy Petition extension to, T67834: Review & deploy mediawiki/extensions/FundraisingChart, T74465: Deploy WikiGrok extension to test, test2, and, T70860: [GOAL] Graduate Page Previews feature (Popups extension) out of Beta Feature, T72576: Review and deploy GlobalUserPage extension to Wikimedia wikis, T74302: Enable Labeled Section Transclusion's #lsth on Wikimedia, T72499: Deploy SandboxLink extension to cluster and enable on wikis where it currently is a gadget, T72402: Review and deploy ImageMetrics extension to Wikimedia wikis, T61793: Activate Extension:DeleteBatch and Extension:UndeleteBatch on Wikimedia Commons, T53499: Review and deploy Disambiguator extension, T58506: enable Flow extension on test2 and a handful of pages, T66786: Review the ExtraLanguageLink extension for deployment, T59891: Review and deploy GlobalCssJs extension to Wikimedia wikis, T63167: Review and deploy Popups extension (Hovercards feature) to Wikimedia wikis, T64811: Review and deploy TwitterCards extension for proper display, T58140: Review and deploy MultimediaViewer extension, T58133: Review and deploy CommonsMetadata extension, T51448: Add Extension:YetAnotherKeywords to de.wikiversity, T61245: Review the PageNotice extension for deployment, T54723: Review and deploy MassMessage extension to Wikimedia wikis, T59545: Review and deploy Wikimania Scholarship application, T51278: Review and deploy BlameMaps extension, T54574: Deploy BayesianFilter Extension, T54530: Implement mw:Extension:RandomInCategory on the English Wikipedia, T49566: Install "HTML-Tags" on de.wikiversity, T56214: [Epic] Review and deploy TranslateSvg extension on Wikimedia Commons, T57749: Deploy VectorBeta extension for Beta Features release, T49400: Install Extension:Widget to English Wikivoyage, T44214: "Opinions" tab on the English Wikinews currently uses a JavaScript implementation when it shouldn't, T45982: Deploy and review Nimbus extension, T47666: Deployment review of NamespaceRelations for Wikinews and Wiktionary, T42506: Review and deploy Education Program extension, T42477: Enable Extension:Education Program on English Wikipedia (with new user rights configuration), T45848: Deploy and review SearchExtraNs extension, T42422: Review and deploy FormatNum extension, T55865: Review and deploy BetaFeatures extension, T55756: Install Extension:PageLanguage and enabled it on wikidatawiki (maybe on other multilingual wikis too), T52174: Install "Disambiguator" extension on WMF wikis, T55541: Enable CleanChanges extension on Meta-Wiki, T45222: Review LaTeXML branch of Extension:Math for deployment, T46886: Install RightFunctions MediaWiki extension on Arabic Wikipedia (arwiki), T40271: Review and deploy SVGEdit extension to Wikimedia wikis, T36778: Deploy extension Memento on Wikipedia sites, T46660: Review PDBHandler extension, T39992: Review and deploy Drafts extension to Wikimedia wikis, T34695: Implement, Review and Deploy Wikicaptcha, T44577: Review and deploy CodeEditor extension, T42620: Review and deploy EditSimilar extension, T34128: Review and deploy OnlineStatusBar extension, T30816: Review and deploy ApiSandbox extension on Wikimedia Cluster, T24043: Install Extension:Interwiki in read-only mode on all WMF wikis, T27454: Set up "Data Transfer" extension on Czech Wikiversity, T27413: Set up SemanticResultFormats on Czech Wikiversity, T27410: Setup Semantic MediaWiki on Czech Wikiversity, T30575: Install CategoryTests (or CategoryFunctions) extension on sv.wiktionary, T27302: Enable UserOptionStats extension on Hungarian Wikipedia, T23602: Code review for use of SMW in MediaWiki.Org, T32051: Review and deploy CollaborativeWatchlist extension, T22246: Install Extension:Transliterator on fr, pl and en.wiktionary, T22192: Review (and install?) Extension:Poll (ar.wikinews), T27000: Deploy ThrottleOverride extension to Wikimedia wikis, T23377: Enable SiteWideMessages on enwp, T26836: Install Extension:XMLRC on, T30135: Review and deploy VipsScaler extension, T33512: Install calendar extension on outreach wiki, T31828: Enable Extension:DynamicSidebar on Hindi Wikipedia, T37104: Enable Extension:Sudo on WMF cluster, T24928: Enable NaturalLanguageList Extension on WMF wikis, T24911: Install [[mw:Extension:SubpageSortkey]] on Portuguese and English Wikibooks, T35193: Review and deploy Score extension to Wikimedia wikis, T16087: Adapt "DPLforum" extension for watchlisting individual threads on a few selected Village Pumps and other main forums., T19426: Install PageNotice and ImageSizeInfoFunctions extensions for mlwiki, T17607: Install Extension:Interlanguage on en.wikipedia, T15782: Install ConfirmAccount extension on Wikimedia wikis, T13794: Install DidYouMean extension on the English Wiktionary, T10390: Enable Semantic MediaWiki on WMF projects, T13586: Enable CommentPages extension on English Wikinews, T5252: Review (and install?) WikiTeX, T3450: Enable Extension:ShortUrl on or.wikipedia, ta.wikipedia..., T18655: Install RandomRootPage on WMF wikis.Aug 26 2017, 9:43 AM

Also updated the MediaWiki [[mw:Review queue]] page to point to the new tag instead to the tracking task. I've also sorted the tasks in the workboard between open and closed.