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inputbox with 1.18 let break=no not work, but put the buttons on a next line
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Recently noticed on nl-wiki: inside the inputbox there is a parameter break=no possible to make the buttons instead of below the field appear at the right of the field in what the input can be done. In this way it takes extra space.

Greetings - Romaine

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do you have a URL to demonstrate this?

It might be related to my revision r92138.

Using the same code as in the example given on trunk does not give the problem.

The "**" appears to be broken as well... :(

removing dep on tarball blockers for things that aren't in mw core.

vivekee047 wrote:

(In reply to comment #5)

The "**" appears to be broken as well... :(

The "**" thing is fixed

Btw is this problem still there?I couldnot replicate this

vivekee047 wrote:

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The given site has this problem no more -


Please re-open if any part of this issue is still there