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When to tweet and what to tweet
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Events and processes when we tweet

  • An inventory has been published and we ask for volunteer contributions for for example translating the labels to English --Z Inventory page
  • A blogpost or some other kind on contribution has been published on Meta pages
  • UN observance days with some specific request --> The could be scheduled
  • Individual Living Heritage elements happening with a prompt to create activities around it --> Created from a calendar of data
  • Reminder before the weekly meeting --> Meeting page
  • Any activity in the network --> Activity webpage. Could this be automated from the data?
  • Question about ethical sharing --> Best practices / Ethical sharing / Event
  • Event coming up --> Register! Event page.
  • Newsletter --> Subscribe
  • This Month in GLAM, external blog post --> Read

If possible, translate to different languages

  • Ask the event organizer to provide the texts
  • Perhaps create a Meta page for translating common phrases in WLLH