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Remove custom old nearby functionality for Wikivoyage from Kartographer
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After the new nearby articles mode (T304076) of Kartographer is launched and T90645 has been completed, we should work on enabling the most important Wikivoyage communities to switch over to this new feature, with the eventual goal of being able to deprecate and remove the custom data layer for nearby Wikivoyage articles from the Kartographer source code.

The wgKartographerWikivoyageMode adds several additional features specific to Wikivoyage. One of these features is that if a nearbyArticlesCfg is set in MediaWiki:Kartographer.js, this source will be used to add an additional layer to the layers control to load nearby articles from an external source. Most of these POIs will now be available via the new nearby articles mode (although likely not all/not the same etc).

The reason to switch away from the old method is multiple but includes:

For this to be accomplished, the following steps should done

  • The community is satisfied with the new solution/will not object too strongly if we remove the old functionality
  • Ensure the new config is enabled for each of these wikis
  • Remove nearbyArticlesCfg from each wiki's configuration
  • Remove the logic from the Kartographer extension
  • Possibly remove the old prune cluster library ?