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[Session] Using Pixel tool for visual regression
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  • Title of session: Using Pixel tool for visual regression
  • Session description: Users should have consistent experience on wikis. Visual regression testing is a big part of QA testing workflows, so the pixel tool (pixel reports, github pixel) could be a valuable tool to make visual regression more efficient.
  • Username for contact: @Etonkovidova
  • Session duration (25 or 50 min): 25 min
  • Session type (presentation, workshop, discussion, etc.): Presentation/Discussion
  • Language of session (English, Arabic, etc.): English
  • Prerequisites (some Python, etc.): None
  • Any other details to share?:
    • The session will go over different extensions where the pixel tool is used.
    • Etherpad Link
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Event Timeline

Thanks for this proposal! All proposed sessions couldn't become part of the agenda published today due to limited space, including yours. I'll ping here if a room becomes available to organize remaining or impromptu sessions.

Hello! There is now additional space available for you to schedule a session: (See "Small Hacking Room Corner (up to 20 participants)"). If you are still interested in organizing a session, you can claim this slot on a first-come, first-serve basis. There may not be any AV equipment in this small room, just a bunch of tables, and the room might be separated from the big hacking room with a bunch of dividers.

Below you may find the link attached that redirects the user to the corresponding Etherpad:

@Etonkovidova Thank you so much for leading this! 🎉