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Publish proposal on for how we will evaluate impact of Usability Improvements
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This task involves the work of publishing a page on that equips volunteers across the Movement with the context they need to understand, and provide feedback on, how the Editing Team is proposing to evaluate the impact of the suite of Usability Improvements.


  • As an experienced volunteer who is motivated to ensure that any changes to how talk pages appear are likely to have a positive impact on how people understand and engage with these pages, I need to be able to understand how the team that is responsible for [potentially] deploying these changes is planning to evaluate their impact, so that I can propose modifications to these evaluation plans to ensure they more align with how I've come to understand how people depend on talk pages.

Page contents/Requirements

The sub-page of mw:Talk pages project/Usability that this task is "asking" for ought to equip volunteers with answers to the following questions:

  1. Why this work was prioritized?
  2. What changes will these experiments be evaluating?
  3. What issues were these changes intended to address?
  4. How is the Editing Team proposing to evaluate the impact these changes are having?
  5. How can I, a volunteer, propose changes/provide input on how we'll evaluate the impact of these changes?



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Next steps

I've started drafting this page on office wiki:

This page is now in a stable enough place for @MNeisler to review it to ensure the contents align with what she's had in mind for T302358 and T302359.

Once @MNeisler completes the above, @Whatamidoing-WMF can do a final review before publishing on

MNeisler edited projects, added Product-Analytics; removed Product-Analytics (Kanban).

I've reviewed the draft page and updated some of the language to help clarify the metrics being used to evaluate the impact of the feature. I think the current text now aligns well with the analyses being planned in T302358 and T302359.

@Whatamidoing-WMF - Per Peter's comment above, reassigning this you to do a final review before publishing on Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, note that the wikis for the AB test are still listed as TBD in the Experiment Plan section of the draft page. I included a link to the task (T332946) where these will be defined but that will need to be updated once confirmed.

This is posted at

I believe that this comment (on buttons never aligning with adjacent text) was the only comment received.