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Requesting Access to Huggle Cloud VPS project
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I would like to request access to the Huggle Cloud VPS project. I've seen it go down quite a few times in the past months. I saw phuzion requested access. I've read through the docs and it seems like a straightforward process, I have plenty of Linux CLI experience. I have uploaded a public key to phabricator as well. If there doesn't need to be that many people with access, I understand.

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Hello, sorry for the late response, I am far less active these days within the Wikimedia world than I would like to be.

Can you please link to your on-wiki account? We can't just give ssh access to everyone who asks for it, for safety reasons :) it would help if someone trusted could vouch for you as well.


Petrb triaged this task as Low priority.Mar 2 2024, 12:47 PM