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Author: barrymtl

I am using a Samsung SCH-U430 cell phone to access the moblle version of Wikipedia. The URL that I have always used is All of a sudden the link won't work today, I get the error message "Parser Error". My phone is using Obigo Browser Q04C1-1.22 built on Apr 27 2010. I have tried other URL's such as,, and They still give me the same parser error. I also notice that that mobile Wikipedia site is a beta version. Can anybody help me out to get mobile Wikipedia working again on my phone? All my other bookmarks and other websites that I go to work as before.

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works for me. If you are still having trouble, try #wikimedia-mobile on freenode for real-time help:

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Mark, do you also have a Samsung SCH-U430 and can confirm that it works with the new mobile gateway?

DNS was switched the other day for the old -- which lasted longer than the Ruby-based gateway on -- so the traffic is presumably now going to the new gateway.

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Mark, do you also have a Samsung SCH-U430 and can confirm that it works with
the new mobile gateway?

No, and Tomasz tells me this is a WAP problem. I've added a URL that shows mal-formed XML being produced.

preilly wrote:

Patrick Reilly:
Can you try to load this page:

On your Samsung SCH-U430.

Barry Smith:
Yes, this article loads quite nicely. It is properly split into 9 different pages, and even the pages with references and external links display properly, which they never did before. The only thing that doesn't work is that at the very beginning and end of the article, there are a couple of lines that start with the word 'Template:', which I assume is a formatting command that doesn't work on the Obigo Browser on my Samsung SCH-U430 .

Patrick Reilly:
Actually, the template stuff that you're seeing is related to missing
templates on that server. It isn't anything about your browser.
Thanks, for checking this out so quickly.

preilly wrote:

This should now be fixed in r98804.

barrymtl wrote:

Patrick, the web page that you had me try about Nigel Havers worked OK on my cell phone, the Samsung SCH-U430, but I still am unable to access the home page of, or on the same cell phone. They both still give me a Parser Error on my phone's browser.

However, when I try accessing the mobile page on a PC using
Internet Explorer 8, the page I get to in both cases is the mobile wikipedia beta version. I assume that it is the beta version because on the top left hand side of the page has an uppercase W with the word "beta" written across it.

preilly wrote:

Barry, can you please try these pages again?

TheDJ added a comment.Oct 11 2011, 7:51 AM

For future reference:

can check wap/wml pages for validity.

URL now gives valid xml

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