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do not use templates when Babel information exist for a language
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Author: gmeijssen

Babel information provided is very inconsistent because many of the templates used on many wikis either exist or do not exist. By using Babel info when it exists consistently, the resulting information will be so much better.

Creating babel information should also have consistent behaviour for all the languages set. It does not do this either. Check out my profile on si.wp for instance...

Checked this with Santhosh and Niklas

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Severity: normal



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beau wrote:

On pl.wikipedia it just breakes because current babel templates (which are tables) are not compatibile with the extension - it shows garbage.

Gerard.meijssen wrote:

When the Polish templates are not used, the Babel extension will just work.

Is this actually a issue? It's a community decision if they want to use the templates or the babel system. It's not really a surprise they break when you try to use both.

gmeijssen wrote:

When the Babel extension does not use the templates, there is no issue what the community wants. It allows me to create my user page. I cannot know what each of our 270+ communities wants in this.


beau wrote:

It is an issue. We are now in a cycle: Babel extension is not working properly, because there are {{User xx}} templates, which cannot be replaced with Babel extension, because it is not working properly...

Gerard.meijssen wrote:

This bug is to prevent the extension from using local templates. Consequently they will work nicely side by side. The extension meanwhile will regularly get any and all new localisations for new languages in every WMF wiki.

The coverage of the Babel extension is really good. It probably covers more languages then any implementation using the templates.