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Outreachy Proposal: Research into Translational Imbalance
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Profile Information

Time Zone: UTC +1
Zulip: Ebere
Location (Nigeria)
Working Hours: 9AM-5PM UTC +1


Wikipedia is a free open content, an online encyclopedia which is brought about the diverse effort and knowledge of a large community of users, Wikipedia enables anyone to edit website content through their Web browser thereby keeping its content up to date regularly without having to take years before updating; This means that information /content in Wikipedia website are not obsolete making it a go to source for individuals and users trying to get knowledge on a wide range of subjects.
Users can access articles in their preferred language which is a translational services provided by Wikipedia. Users are also allowed to edit, and also create content, and update information using their Mother tongue or in their preferred language, this gives access to a larger community of users.
Machine language is used in the translational services to translate the articles into different languages but there is one critical factor which poses a huge challenge and is seen as a huge issue to Wikipedia, it is know as the "Translational Imbalance " It is observed that when the number of translations is compared to the pairs of languages, very high ratios of articles being translated from languages with a larger wiki presence into languages with a smaller presence, is discovered to be very high. English alone is found to be the source Language for 70% of all published translations, and the pattern seems to repeat for other tribal tongues. This project will focus on these factors and reasons behind the imbalances.

Added points
I will be making research in the UX Research by interviewing the users of the translational services that is the translator's to gain understanding of how their discernment of the preferred language influences their language selection. I will also be finding out, how the design of the software affects the choice of the chosen languages, and the translational software workflow which is the UI aspect of the design software, this shows us how users are able to onboard using the software workflow.

  • Possible Mentor(s)

@awight and @Simulo

Contributions made to the project and Experience gained.

It came as a surprise when I realised that Wikipedia's content was/is created by diverse and large community of users, and this was/ is as a result of my contribution in this Outreachy internship application. It is also a more pleasant surprise to know that I will be a part of the Wikipedia's team which is a great feat!
During this contribution stage, my knowledge base has increased while making contributions to the microtasks on UX Research.
Contributions made are as follows:

  1. In this microtask The task was to summarize the paper " Digital Division of Labor and Informational Magnetism: Mapping Participation in Wikipedia translations " giving informed guesses and Hypotheses about how it applies to translators.

Link to my conttibution

  1. In this microtask, I did a light review of literature showing how it relates to the Translational Imbalances by reading through the results of a search like " Wikipedia translations ".

Link to my contribution:

  1. In this microtask I drafted a survey for content translation users. Putting the reviews and feedback from the Mentors into good use made me realise that there are better ways of asking questions in the survey when drafting.

This is the Link to my contribution:

past Experience with Open Source Software

This is my first time contributing to open source. I have only been connected to the open source community as a user. Contributing to open source is exciting for me and it makes me know that I am contributing to something worthwhile making me want to contribute even after the Outreachy program.

The Project

Several streams of microtask was put in a list of project to do by the Mentors, of which the UX Research piqued my interest and because I have passion for Research, hence my contribution was made towards that aspect to the best of my knowledge.

Project Timeline
April 4th -May 4th
• Study the materials for the Translational Imbalances.

May 5th-May 28th
• Bonding with the community members.
• Study previous User Research based on Translational Imbalance.

May 29th-June 5th
Week 1
• Gather information about individuals and users to be interviewed.
• Draft out survey with the help of the Mentors.

June 6th-June 13th
Week 2
• Send out drafted survey to translators.
•Prepare questionnaire that will be used for interviewing

June 14th-June 21st
Week 3
• Gather and find information about candidates to be interviewed.
•Ask for an appropriate date and time for the interview from the candidates to be interviewed.

June 22nd-June 30th
Week 4
•Collate findings from the Survey question filled
•Collate findings from the interviews conducted.

July 1st-July 7th
Week 5
•Go through the papers listed in the task #T331200 ultralight Systemic review to know how it relates to /be used in the research.

July 5th-July 15th
Week 6
•Get feedback from the Mentors and use it for better and improved UX Research.

July 16th-July 23rd
Week 7
• Review the Hypothesis summarised in the Microtask
•Test each Hypothesis

July 24th-July 31st
Week 8
•Continue Testing each Hypotheses
•Analyse the Survey responses from the Candidates interviewed.

August 1st-August 7th
Week 9
• Bring out important information and observations from the Survey carried out.
• Document the responses as appropriate.

August 8th-August 15th
Week 10
• Conduct interviews with translators to get a perception of how their understanding of language importance affects their language selection.

August 16th-August 23rd
Week 11
• Investigate how the software designed for translations can impact the selection of languages.
• Document the interviews and the findings to be used for further research work.

August 24th-
Week 12
• Conclude research work.
• Continue contributions to Wikipedia.
• Become an active member of the Wikimedia's Community.


• Regular communication with my Mentors and Other Wikimedia community members.
• Blog posts about my experience with the Wikimedia open source community.
• Blogging about my progress during the internship and experience.

About Me

I am a Computer Engineer, and a mother of four(4) who is a stay at home mum in Nigeria. After looking for employment but to no avail, I decided to keep myself updated in going further to learn about UI/UX (Product Design) which will also help me getting jobs albeit Remotely, and also make me financially independent.
I have been into UI/UX for more than a year now, thereby giving me the experience needed to carryout this project.
I have never been involved in opennsource, neither have I heard of it. My contribution in this open source and the outreachy internship application made me fully aware of what open source is, and that it adds impact to people's lives greatly. I will be obliged to be a part of open source through Wikimedia.

I do not have any other commitments, this will be my only commitment because I am not a student neither am I employed.

Past Experience

Links to UX Research I have carried out and the ones I have been a part of:

Event Timeline

Aklapper I am motivated with zeal your have and how you have allows directed some of us. Hope to work with in this outreachy projects and contribute this task you have created.

Hi @Eberey, as the deadline for GSoC is quickly approaching in less than 48 hours (April 4th, 2023, 18:00 UTC), it's crucial that you submit your proposal on Phabricator and Google's program website in the recommended format as soon as possible. To avoid any potential last-minute rushes or server failures, we highly recommend that you submit your proposal early and keep updating it as needed before the deadline. Once you have submitted your proposal, please move it from the "Proposals in Progress" column to the "Proposals Submitted" column on the Phabricator workboard by simply dragging it. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to ask. Good luck with your application!

Hey kindly give me the timeline for the program of the internship in this

Hi, thank you for the information and feedback. But i am for Outreachy
internship not Gsoc. Or is it the same format too? Please do let me know so
o can make necessary changes.
Thank you very much.

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Outreachy results are out! Declining this task as the proposal was not selected. You could consider finishing up any pending pull requests or tasks remaining from the contribution period. Your ideas and contributions to Wikimedia projects are still welcome. If you would still be eligible for the next round of Outreachy, we look forward to your participation!