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Vector Overlays
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Feature summary
We would like to be able to create and display website overlays, such as modals and popups, that can appear on top of any other content on the page, regardless of the z-index or position of the elements. (Minerva already have something similar already implemented).

In vector 2022, we will aim to support that behaviour while relying on the codex library and paradigms as much as we can. please check comments for details.


Use case(s)

  • If we want to show a welcome message to new visitors, with a call-to-action button that leads them to sign up or learn more.
  • If we want to display a feedback form or a survey to collect user opinions or ratings after they complete a certain action/ or after new changes have rolled out.
  • If we want to show a notification or an alert to inform users about important updates or changes on my website, such as new features, discounts, or maintenance.

The underlying problem that we want to solve is that I need a way to capture the attention of the users and communicate with them effectively, without disrupting their browsing experience or interfering with the layout and design.


  • This feature would allow us to create engaging and interactive website overlays that can increase conversions, retention, and loyalty of the users.
  • This feature would also ensure that the overlays are responsive and accessible across different devices and browsers, and that they comply with the web standards and best practices.

Event Timeline

In Minerva we have appended to the body and that element has a z-index of @z-index-overlay. We should utilise as much of that code as we could, I guess mainly we are missing some html elements.

This would be a prep work for modals or as part of it's implemintation.

There's an element for that.

This also feels like it wants to be in the land of Codex .

@Izno We need to more widely support such element, than dialog currently provides us with. We need basic support here fulfilled.

@Mabualruz Please also see current Codex Design System undertaking of T285592: Add generally applicable `z-index` stack to MediaWiki skin variables and Codex/WikimediaUI Base

@Izno @Volker_E Thanks for the details, I will update the description of the task to priorities the Codex widegets/elements. I just wanted a place to track and make sure that we support that behaviour on vector 2022

Jdlrobson triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 12 2023, 6:04 PM