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Undo and Redo Functionality
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The editing tool should have an undo and redo functionality, allowing users to quickly undo any changes they have made or redo any actions they have undone. This can help users make changes with confidence and reduce the risk of accidentally losing work

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Could you please provide specific use cases, and a real specific example for a need for "redo"?

Hey this task was proposed by me which I will be working on during my contribution period. I created this phabricato ticket to discuss further on this issue..

Sorry about that. I thought it was proposed by the organization.

@Punith.nyk: Could you answer my question please? Thanks!

Does the undo button reverse work that was done before being saved because an auto-save user would have trouble using it?

@Aklapper Let's say a user is editing a video and decides to delete a particular section of the footage, but then realizes that they actually wanted to keep that section. They can use the "undo" functionality to revert the deletion, but then they may realize that they want to keep the video as it is and re-delete the section. In this case, the "redo" functionality would allow them to quickly restore the deleted section without having to repeat the deletion process again.