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[QA task] discrepancy between user_editcount and edit-count-for-task-type
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Note: refer for specs to T332319 and T322386

(1) Checking HelpPanel schema I noticed that user_editcount is not consistent with actual edit count
e.g. it goes

user_editcount: 1
user_editcount: 1
user_editcount: 2
user_editcount: 3
user_editcount: 4

At this point, the actual number of edits is 5, and after an edit is published, the leveling post-edit dialog shows up correctly:

Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 3.23.11 PM.png (896×2 px, 234 KB)

It seems non-consequential, since the next edit will have user_editcount: 6 (CORRECT)
The issue: there seem to be some cases, when the leveling post-edit dialog appearance gets confused with this inconsistent counting.

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The discrepancy in the edit_count is present; the leveling post-edit dialog appears correctly according to its own counter: