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[Session] Toolhub, Toolhunt, and the quest to improve tool discoverability
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Title of session: Toolhub, Toolhunt, and the quest to improve tool discoverability

Session description:

Toolhub is a community-authored catalog that contains information about Wikimedia tools.

Toolhunt is a game-like web application that provides an easy way to add information to tools on Toolhub. (This was an Outreachy internship project.)

In this session, I’ll present general information about Toolhub and the Wikimedia tool environment, discuss the Toolhunt project, its aims, and the development/deployment process, and then demo the tool itself. Afterward, I’d like to solicit feedback/suggestions about how we might improve the tool’s usefulness and useability (we’ll be working on it during the hackathon).

Username for contact: @NicoleLBee

Session duration (25 or 50 min): 25 minutes

Session type (presentation, workshop, discussion, etc.): Presentation/discussion

Language of session (English, Arabic, etc.): English

Prerequisites (some Python, etc.): None

Any other details to share?:
Toolhunt is live at We have GitHub repos for the frontend and backend, and a Phabricator workboard

Interested? Add your username below:

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Notes from etherpad:

Toolhub, Toolhunt, and the quest to improve tool discoverability

Date & time: Sunday, May 21st at 12:00 noon EEST / 9:00 am UTC

Relevant links


  • Toolhub - a catalog of WM tools

Too many tools, so little time and ways to find them

  • Each tool listed has a toolinfo record
  • Based on hay's standard (the original dev of the tool)

updated in 2022 to add new fields (

*The new editing web interface brings in new fields that are mostly empty

Gamification effort
*Example tool: Citation Hunt
gamification of citation improvement

  • The same was done to ToolForge -Toolhunt
  • Known issues
  • It's a random collection of tasks, so you get a random one, and can't choose

Now there's a search bar! You can search the name of the tool - it was a Hackathon 2023 project :)

  • Some data just can't be found, there's no original documentation, and there's no way to indicate that on the tool


  • Integrate toolhunt into toolhub to improve it's visibility
  • Something they would like to explore if there's enough time
  • So many people that are not active editors love citation hunt because it's fun; classifying tools that are good for beginners in toolhunt could help newcomers
  • A way to flag tools that have tools with no info, like a no-info.json
  • Could there be a way to flag this in the toolhub side to improve toolhunt and remove it, or remove test tools that were created to test the platform
  • Is there a way to distinguish "we don't know this info" from "there's no info"? Not yet
  • Great that it doesn't have a specific URL for specific tools so it's not confusing when sharing
  • You get the name of the tool, so it's clearer.

The presenter's favorite tools are toolhunt and citation hunt.

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