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Project Proposal- Research into translation imbalances
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Profile Information

Name: Margaret E. Okoronkwo

Time Zone: UTC +1

Zulip: Margaret Okoronkwo

Phabricator: Ebere.O
Location: Birmingham, UK

Working Hours: 9AM-5PM


Wikipedia is a free and open online encyclopedia that serves the world, this means that the need for consistent update and contents cannot be overemphasised as this is the secret of preserving the relevance of the “online-go-to-place”. There is the quest to find out the gap between Wikipedia and translations and how this affects the users and the service to the world as a whole.
Documentations on what this project is about and the efforts that are being put in place has to be made in the process, and this is where my contributions to the projects come in.
Given that the project is open source and broad, the team responsible for carrying out this project needs to increase and my participation is geared towards achieving this.


@awight and @Simulo

Contributions made to the project and Experience gained

I was delighted to receive the email that confirmed my approval to contribute to the Wikimedia project. It was really encouraging. I got the chance to interact with the community and participate and also saw opportunities to learn and improve my skillset. My contributions are as follows:
In the first microtask, we were given the task to summarize the paper " Digital Division of Labor and Informational Magnetism: Mapping Participation in Wikipedia translations " giving informed guesses and Hypotheses about how it applies to translators.
Link to my contribution-
In the second microtask, we were asked to give a literature review showing how it relates to the Translational Imbalances by reading through the results of a search like " Wikipedia translations ".
Link to my contribution-

The Project

The project title is Wikimedia - Research imbalances in translation between languages on Wikipedia. This project is still ongoing as there are different areas of interest that needs to be worked on.
In order to give my best contribution to the project, I will be concentrating on my key areas of strength and passion- writing and researching. Hence, my contribution during the internship being projected as follows:
Project Timeline

April 4th -May 4th

• Study the materials for the Translational Imbalances.
May 5th-May 28th

• Bonding with the community members.

• Study previous User Research based on Translational Imbalance.
May 29th-June 5th

Week 1

• Gather information about individuals and users to be interviewed.

• Draft out survey with the help of the Mentors.
June 6th-June 13th

Week 2

• Send out drafted survey to translators.

•Prepare questionnaire that will be used for interviewing
June 14th-June 21st

Week 3

• Gather and find information about candidates to be interviewed.

•Ask for an appropriate date and time for the interview from the candidates to be interviewed.
June 22nd-June 30th

Week 4

•Collate findings from the Survey question filled
July 1st-July 7th

Week 5

•Collate findings from the interviews conducted.
July 5th-July 15th

Week 6

•Get feedback from the Mentors and use it for better and improved UX Research.
July 16th-July 23rd

Week 7

• Work with teams and community volunteers to obtain an in-depth understanding of documentation needs and requirements
July 24th-July 31st

Week 8

• Produce high-quality and easy-to-understand documentation for a variety of engineering processes, API documentation, FAQs, user guides, standard operating procedures.
August 1st-August 7th

Week 9

Create clear, accurate and updated documentation for the project
August 8th-August 15th

Week 10

• Conduct interviews with translators to get a perception of how their understanding of language importance affects their language selection.
August 16th-August 23rd

Week 11

• Document the interviews and the findings to be used for further research work.
August 24th-

Week 12

• Conclude research work.
• Continue contributions to Wikipedia.
• Become an active member of the Wikimedia's Community.


• Regular communication with my Mentors and Other Wikimedia community members.
• Blog posts about my experience with the Wikimedia open source community.
• Blogging about my progress during the internship and experience.

About Me

I am a Human Resources Professional embracing tech and gradually learning tech skills. I got married last year in Nigeria and had to move to a new country where I now stay with my husband- Birmingham, UK. I’ve always wanted to be a tech savvy but didn’t get the opportunity due to various factors that militated against it.
However, I enrolled to learn about technical writing because it gives me the chance to write about tech while learning it. Now, I am learning data analytics, I like data analytics because it involves research, problem solving and it rewards my curiosity and quest for knowledge.
My participation in the Wikimedia project for the Outreachy Internship will give me the platform to participate while learning about open source.

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Outreachy results are out! Declining this task as the proposal was not selected. You could consider finishing up any pending pull requests or tasks remaining from the contribution period. Your ideas and contributions to Wikimedia projects are still welcome. If you would still be eligible for the next round of Outreachy, we look forward to your participation!