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Outreachy Proposal : Research into translation imbalances (Omotayo)
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Proposal for research into translation imbalances: research into translation imbalances.

Name: Omotayo Olutekunbi
Time Zone: Time zone in Nigeria (GMT+1)
Zulip: Omotayo Olutekunbi
Phabricator: Omotayo1990
Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Working Hours: Available to work during the internship period

Meeting With Mentors

I am available and can be contacted through email, slack, and any platform provided by my mentor.


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia with information on practically every subject conceivable. It is generated and maintained by volunteers all around the world, making it one of the internet's largest and most complete sources of knowledge. Wikipedia is available in several languages and is a valuable resource for students, researchers, and anybody seeking information on a variety of topics. Because of its open editing approach, it is constantly updated and improved, making it a dynamic and ever-changing source of knowledge.

Possible mentors

@Simulo @awight


My Contributions

We have various open microtasks that any person can contribute to based on individual strengths. I am a UI/UX designer as well as a Technical Writer. I am proficient in writing, technology, communication, and research. I am adaptable to any work environment, whether working in a team or on my own. Because I had prior expertise with user research, I contributed to user research-related duties.

**Micro Task 1:******

In this task, I read and reviewed; Graham, Straumann, and Hogan. 2015. “Digital Divisions of Labor and Informational Magnetism: Mapping Participation in Wikipedia.” (preprint pdf), I wrote a summary in my own words. I made out informed guesses and hypotheses on what I understood about the paper.

Link to my contribution for task 1: Short Summary of the Paper titled "Digital Division of labor and informational magnetism: Mapping participation in Wikipedia"

**Micro Task 2:**

In this work, I constructed a poll to try to identify why translators make particular decisions, such as which language to use for the translation.

Link to my contribution for task 3:


April 4th -May 4th
•Get more familiar with Wikipedia and the translational imbalances.
May 5th-May 28th
• Community bonding and getting to know fellow interns and mentors.
• Study how to conduct user research with Wikimedia
May 29th-June 11th (Week 1 & 2)
• Gather information about individuals and users to be interviewed.
• Draft out a survey with the help of the Mentors
• Conduct user research and draft a questionnaire for the interview
June 12th - June 25th (Week 3 & 4)
• Send out a drafted survey to translators.
•Prepare a questionnaire that will be used for interviewing
June 26th - July 2nd (Week 5)
• Find appropriate interview candidates to participate in the research
•Determine if the interviews will be online or in-person
•Set an appropriate date and time for the interview to happen according to the comfort level of the candidates
July 3rd - July 16th (Week 6&7)
•Conduct surveys
•Record and organize findings from the survey
July 17th - July 23th (Week 8)
•Get feedback from the Mentors
•Keep up with ongoing research
July 24th - August 6th (Week 9 & 10)
• Review the Hypothesis summarised in the Microtask.
•Test each Hypothesis
•Analyse the Survey responses from the Candidates interviewed.
August 7th - August 13th (Week 11)
•Obtain inferences from the survey and interviews
• Record inferences and important insights from the surveys and interviews
August 14th - August 25th (Week 12 & 13)
• Conduct follow-up interviews if necessary and record new insights, if they are available
• Conclude research work.
• Join the Wikimedia Community and make more contributions

My Deliverables

Weekly blog entries on my development during my internship.
Blog entries describing my interactions with the Wikimedia Foundation and the open-source community.
Contact on regular basis with my mentors and other Wikimedia Community members.
Ready to learn and work on any task assigned to me.

About Me

I am UX/UI designer and Technical Writer from Nigeria. I focus on creating user-centered designs for digital products such as websites or mobile applications. I work closely with developers and end-users to ensure that the design meets the needs and expectations of the target audience. On the other hand, as a technical writer am responsible for creating clear and concise documentation for technical products or processes. I create user-friendly and well-documented digital products.
I love to travel, love nature and meet new people.

Relevant Projects:

I have worked on several projects that have helped me develop skills that will be relevant to this project.

  1. My final year school thesis focused on an orphanage home in Adewole, Ilorin. The orphanage home gives children who have lost their parents refuge, food, and education. It is a secure refuge for these kids, and the caretakers strive diligently to meet their emotional and physical requirements. I did elaborate research on how to get the orphanage functioning well, how to get sponsors and volunteers to help out, and a general survey on how to improve the standard of living for the kids. (working on this project helped me boast these skills: Critical thinking, Problem-solving, Communication, Organization, and Time management especially working on a project that had a deadline)

2: Reviewing Music Albums: Reviewing music albums has helped me in a great way to improve my critical thinking and communication skills. Also, to pay attention to detail, which has boosted my creativity. It requires an individual to listen carefully to the music, analyze it, and articulate their opinions effectively. it has You can view one of the projects []

  1. I researched and documented about 50 upcoming actors in Nigeria. Wikipedia helped a lot in gaining knowledge about these actors. this is a link to the project: (I learned how to use keywords to search for a particular information on the web)
  1. I have experience in research and carrying out surveys when working on several case studies. I worked in a media house that required me to post daily articles on their website. (this helped with my knowledge of SEO and keywords). I also edited and proofread articles (this boasted my vocabulary because I was exposed to new words that I hadn't heard of before)
  1. I have experience in transcribing audio files to words. my time working for a media house required me to transcribe audio interviews to words. I had to listen attentively to the words said by people to have comprehensive documentation of the audio files.
  1. I worked with a relative who is an accountant in Auditing financial records. ( I gained knowledge of financial analysis, accounting, and attention to detail. Also, the ability to analyze data, identify discrepancies, and provide recommendations were skills I got to have due to working on this project)
  2. I own a personal blog. Where I post short stories, poetry, and articles about different things. I post about Lifestyle, Politics, Business, Tech, and others. (This has helped me with time management, Organization, and creative thinking)

Event Timeline

Good Day @Aklapper
This is meant to be my final proposal. I made a mistake in making a duplicate instead of editing the main proposal. This is the valid one that has been closed.

Outreachy results are out! Declining this task as the proposal was not selected. You could consider finishing up any pending pull requests or tasks remaining from the contribution period. Your ideas and contributions to Wikimedia projects are still welcome. If you would still be eligible for the next round of Outreachy, we look forward to your participation!