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[Session] Schemas for medical entities
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  • Title of session: Schemas for medical entities
  • Session description: This session will review
    • existing entity schemas pertaining to medical entities like clinical trials
    • documentation of the workflows for
      • generating such entity schemas
      • using such entity schemas
      • improving such entity schemas
  • Username for contact: @Daniel_Mietchen
  • Session duration (25 or 50 min): 50 min
  • Session type (presentation, workshop, discussion, etc.): workshop
  • Language of session (English, Arabic, etc.): English + whatever helps
  • Prerequisites (some Python, etc.): a basic understanding of ShEx on Wikidata, as well as associated workflows
  • Any other details to share?:
  • Interested? Add your username below:

Event Timeline

Thanks for this proposal! All proposed sessions couldn't become part of the agenda published today due to limited space, including yours. I'll ping here if a room becomes available to organize remaining or impromptu sessions.

Hello! There is now additional space available for you to schedule a session: (See "Small Hacking Room Corner (up to 20 participants)"). If you are still interested in organizing a session, you can claim this slot on a first-come, first-serve basis. There may not be any AV equipment in this small room, just a bunch of tables, and the room might be separated from the big hacking room with a bunch of dividers.

I have now added this to the 10-10:30 slot on Saturday.

Below you may find the link attached that redirects the user to the corresponding Etherpad:

Session Notes:

Schemas for medical entities

Date & time: Saturday, May 20th at 10:00 am EEST / 7:00 am UTC

Relevant links


  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Elwin Huaman


Number of sessions on schemas but not a session on how to adapt schemas for a particular field

Look at medical schema, made a list of shape expressions that are theoretically useful
[looking at the wikidatapage - put the link later]

might have detailed info on the patient
some information is not on wikidata and might never be on wikidata

what schemas are available
[looking at the schema links from the documentation]

wants to get feedback on what others think would be useful in the space

entity schema directory

[looking at medical schemas from the available schema list from the documentation]
its a mix of things no systematics to it
look at the indivual schema they differ in style and other aspects, but how can we standardize this
references arent used in a standarized way

he is wondering what the best approach is and feedback on how to the schemas in a certain field to converge better
sometimes vaiables start with # and sometimes no #
sometimes variables have explanations and sometimes they dont

shape expressions do allow you to standardize
they also can be used for quality control

issues with existing schemas
[looking at three of the hospitals linked in the documentation]
the data is in different languages
sometimes the data is in one chunk and sometimes the data is pointing to other places

question for the user - what one of these to use
the Japanese user doesn't know about the Malaysian user
how to inform them about each other

[looking at the dependency tree]

  • how to relationships between schemas link to relationships between entities

Praticial issues
its hard to find things
[looking at the sparql query]

There are sandbox schemas
anyone can come in and change things
there is no documentation so its complicated to work with


there is an entity schema generator
tools-static.wmflabs -> find the rest of the link
There is a testing tool you can then use to test your schema[]&textMapIsSparqlQuery&

Assuming that this session took place.
If there are specific follow-up tasks from this session / event: Please create dedicated tasks and add another active project tag to those tasks, so others can find those tasks (as likely nobody in the future will look at the Hackathon workboard when trying to find something they are interested in).