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Expose real page title from Article in mwparserfromhtml
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AFAICT, there is not currently a way to retrieve the actual page title from an Article instance. has a title property, but this matches the display title rather than the actual page title.
Often, these 2 are the same, but not always, so I would like to also be able to retrieve the actual page title.
An example of such page would be, where the real page title is Conditions of My Parole, but the display title (which is what is available from article.title) is <i>Conditions of My Parole</i>

The real title *is* available in the raw dumps, but get_metadata explicitly suppresses "name" from being made available as metadata.
Simply making name available from article.metadata should satisfy this task.

Note: also filed on Gitlab

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Hi @matthiasmullie one question here! Is this work for Research (@Isaac) or is this something that can be done on the Structured Data end?

Isaac claimed this task.

Whoops - I can answer. Matthias kindly put together the patch and it's been released!