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Skin specific gadgets
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Many gadgets today work or are intended to work only in some specific skins. It can be because the gadget "fixs" some issue in a specific skin, or because it is legacy gadget working only in some specific skins. (As you can see in [[:en:Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets]] by searching "monobook" or "vector" there are already many scripts that work only in some skins).

Currently it is possible to mention specific rights needed for the user in gadgets-defintion in the format of:

I would like to request the same for skin - to declare for a gadget that works only in one or more skins.

This can be achieved easily by adding a small if in Gadget::isAllowed + another case in Gadget::newFromDefinition.

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eranroz created this task.Oct 6 2011, 7:17 AM

There's one difficulty: if a user has changed skin pref in Special:Preferences, then proceed to gadget prefs without saving skin pref first, gadgets for the new skin cannot be shown...

I didn't think about that, but with no special handling, it would behave the same as quickbar option in skin selection:
When selecting cologneblue or standard skin, only after saving the new skin, a new option for selecting the position of the quick bar is displayed.