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frwiki : autopatrolled level cascading protection
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Feature summary :
French Wikipedia has a level of protection called 'extended protection' which is for autopatrolled users only (editextendedsemiprotected). This level is lower than 'protection' (admin users only) but higher than 'semi-protection' (autoconfirmed users only).

Given this consensus and T10796, frwiki requests the feature 'autopatrolled level cascading protection'.

It should be a cascading protection which allows autopatrolled to edit the protected item.

Use case(s) :
The Main page of frwiki includes transcluded item, that are frequently updated. Despite having the autopatrolled user right, some users are currently unable to edit these items due to the level of protection applied to them.

Benefit(s) :
Despite known abusing cascading protection to protect other pages, community has considered that autopatrolled users might be less disruptive than autoconfirmed users, plain vandalism or known details :

  • Cascading protection for admins only is not always appropriate for transcluded items on the Main page, as some of these items may not require the level of protection provided by admin-only protection.
  • Despite cascading protection for admin only, content rotation still allow non-sysops to fully protect pages since content automatically rotates from day to day, like by modifying the overmorrow's template, ig Wikipédia:Éphéméride/6_avril, to protect pages.
  • This method has limitations, as it can be circumvented by vandals who wait for the rotation to occur before making their edits. Cascading protections can take a while before applying (T20483), so by implementing this feature, we avoid highest preventive protections (overmorrow's pages on 'admin only').