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Create Community Outreach plan for the iOS watchlist
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The iOS app in Wikipedia needs to create a watchlist to allow users to track changes to articles they care about. We need to come up with a community outreach plan to engage members of our community about the feature.

The Task

  • Come up with a written, concise and executable community outreach plan for iOS Watchlist plan

Our goal is to reach 5 Wikipedians, by the time we are starting the development phase of our project, so that they can be aware and welcoming to the project.

Who are we targeting?

While we will accept feedback from anyone, we are especially interested in hearing feedback from:

  1. Frequent app editors in Northern and Western Europe
  2. New and in-frequent app editors in US & Canada that have edits on other platforms
  3. The following language wiki communities: Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish & English
  • There should be diversity in editors in terms of gender, age & visual ability & we should get feedback from people who already use the iOS app.


  • We need to bring attention to the iOS Watchlist feature
  • To get feedback of designs
  • Our community feeling included in our design process of the Watchlist feature
  • A better understanding of the users needs on the feature
  • Ensure groups that are underrepresented (as defined by the Knowledge Gaps Index) are able to give feedback of interventions we can add to the watchlist feature on iOS, so that their content is not negatively targeted and the feature can also be used to encourage users that are making edits to expand content equity

iOS Watchlist Deepdive
Figma file

Timeline: Before June

Event Timeline

@RWambua-WMF, Would you please add this information:
Targeted Regions AND Languages for the Primary, Secondary, and guardrail groups.
Specific questions, if needed.
How successful output looks like?
Timeline frame.

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@RWambua-WMF, The last updates you added in the ticket description have been very helpful; please keep it that way for the upcoming work.
Thanks a lot!

The project plan entails the following steps:

Sending messages to the village pumps in the mentioned regions.
Reaching out to the available Facebook and Telegram platforms.
Messaging individuals who have expressed interest in the foundation.
Personally contacting users from these wikis and extending invitations to join.

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