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Interwiki map update (protocol relative)
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Author: saibotrash

we have made many changes (most importantly: protocol relative URLs where possible) on meta to , please pull to the servers. Thanks!

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Linking to bug 20342, because of "many protocol relative URLs" are changed.

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saibotrash wrote:

Thank you, Reedy!

However, it doesn't work as expected. E.g. CreativeCommons doesn't get https - see: Test page for all interwikis. Is there a update lag or am I blind/stupid somehow? ;-)

Apparently, non-WMF interwikis were not updated at all, for instance this change was ignored .

I'm not sure how/if interwiki links in the wikis database has any affect/priority over the ones from the file

This is fixed now. Reedy had updated interwiki.cdb instead of interwiki-pr.cdb (the protocol-relative version which is now being used everywhere).

saibotrash wrote:

As I wrote on [[:meta:Talk:Interwiki_map]]:

... I have checked all now for HTTPS errors... and there are some. Strange: they are not relative in the list here. Why are the interwikis relative then?! They should get the fixed "http:" again.

There was a bug (or rather an unwanted feature) in dumpInterwiki.php that forced all URLs that look like WMF URLs to protocol-relative, even if they came from the interwiki map and had a protocol. I removed this in r100798 and re-ran the script; it's fixed now.