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Suggestions in search box have "seperator" entry (conflict with Mozilla Contacts extension)
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First example

From [[WP:VPT]]:

In Firefox 9.0a2 / Win7x64
It might be browser-related though since it appears between the auto-fill suggestions by the browser and the ones by the script. Also, I cannot reproduce this with Firefox 7.0.1.

(see attachments)

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal

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2nd example

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First example


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2nd example


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I can't reproduce this on using Firefox 9.0a2 / Linux.

Any Firefox extensions, or MediaWiki gadgets / settings / user scripts involved?

Sorry for wasting your time. I just tried it myself in a VM and with a fresh Aurora install it displays correctly (for the record, this is the correct result: but trying both my normal and alternative accounts in my normal install produces this error. Hence the problem is most likely extension related and not MediaWiki-related.


For those interested, it was (gods know why, it has nothing to do with rendering web pages).

Firefox 9 seems to try and combine the "remember what was entered in a field" feature with MediaWiki's suggestions feature (only in Monobook though, in Vector it works as intended (i.e. no browser suggestions)). That new feature seems to be kind of buggy (in my limited experience) though and some changes to the code for Monobook might be necessary to prevent such behavior.

Well that explains that. :D

Looks like Contacts fiddles with the form field suggestions so that may indeed be mucking up how we're doing things. Will keep it in mind to check for future changes to that, just so we can confirm if it's a bug in Firefox, Contacts, or us. :)