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wmf/branch_cut_pretest branch on mediawiki/core causes multiple problems
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I have noticed this morning TrainBranchBot created a wmf/branch_cut_pretest branch:

branch_cut_pretest is version sorted as a later version than our semantic 1.41... series and thus end up picked up whenever a scripts wants to act on the latest version.

Last week that caused at least two problems:

The commit it not attached to the train blocker task which takes the train deployer by surprise:

commit 430d25d1a1858edfa4a6199dfe1f0eb3743a219a (origin/wmf/branch_cut_pretest)
Author:     trainbranchbot <>
AuthorDate: Tue Apr 4 00:39:27 2023 +0000
Commit:     trainbranchbot <>
CommitDate: Tue Apr 4 00:39:27 2023 +0000

    Branch commit for wmf/branch_cut_pretest
    Change-Id: I412ee39543ece3db9c1dddbf5818c9e2cd3176e9

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hashar claimed this task.

The branch cut script did not work but I tracked that on the train blocker task T330209#8753387

The other issue was with the train-deploy-notes which was the sole sub task of this task has been addressed.

I anticipated that maybe we might have other issues, but luckily we only had those two :] Nothing left to do.