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Canon EOS-1D Article has extra width on Android app
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Load the article and you'll notice that it allows you to scroll left and right even though we have no content there. This doesn't happen on our own mobile gateway. Same issue on the "San Francisco" article.

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Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: blocker



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brion added a comment.Oct 7 2011, 10:07 PM

I couldn't repro this on 'San Francisco' but did see a _couple pixels_ of scroll area on 'Canon EOS-1D'.

Opening the lower sections of that Canon page did show a big giant table squooshing a bunch of stuff together, though, which made it scroll a little more.

brion added a comment.Oct 7 2011, 10:09 PM

(tested on Nexus 1, android 2.3.6)

al.harding wrote:

Yohei, can you look into this and see what solutions we can come up with.

yohei.shimomae wrote:

So the quickest and clean way to solve this right now is to add the next lines of CSS to wikipedia mobile site (this needs to be done from the actual wiki site and not the app as trying to do this from the app will run into crossdomain error):

img {

height: auto;
max-width: 100%;


This will prevent all the images from going beyond device width. Please note that this applies to all images on the site while this additional CSS is in place. So this also affects to image detail page (e.g. but not the link to the actual image (e.g.

This styling won't affect tables and non-image elements.