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Changing (adding/removing) the prominent element in ISA Tool should NOT add to the score
Open, Needs TriagePublicBUG REPORT


Steps to replicate the issue (include links if applicable):

  • Go to ISA Tool, select an open campaign, start contributing
  • Add an element, and/or select one element as prominent, or if there's already a prominent element, remove it.
  • Go back to the campaign score tabulation, notice that the score is updated accordingly, whether you add an element (+1), select/flag a prominent element (+1) or removing an element also get +1 score

What happens?:

This has been observed before, but only now it has become a problem (in our community, we had 7 campaigns before that went well). A user accumulated more than 8.000 points by adding/removing these prominent element marks

This is a Major Bug that required immediate patching, otherwise, we might never use this tool again.

What should have happened instead?:

Only adding new element should be considered +1 score. I don't think this is mentioned anywhere (what constituted a valid score, not in the manual page either)

IF adding/flagging and removing/de-flagging a prominent element is designed to be counted into the score, PLEASE let the administrator able to turn it off in the campaign menu. We don't want people to abuse adding prominent elements for the sake of scoring, and we can't keep track of 50 thousand+ edits in one week!

Software version (skip for WMF-hosted wikis like Wikipedia):

Other information (browser name/version, screenshots, etc.):