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Mobile phones without a internet connection pick up jobs
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Yesterday on of our phones lost the internet connection. The problem is that the phone still picked up work. Internally we check that we have an internet connection before we start our tests (so test do not run) but the BitBar setup do not care.

Lets work with BitBar to make sure that a phone will not pickup a job if it do not have an connection.

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The problem is like this:
We have two phones that takes up jobs. If the internet connection do not work on one of the phones, it will exist fast, and then take the next job in the queue and continue to fail.

Peter removed Peter as the assignee of this task.Jun 20 2023, 7:28 AM

There's nothing to do for me here. BitBar calls this a feature request, I call it a bug report.

So should this task be declined? (What's the use case in keeping this ticket opened?)

@Peter: No reply; thus closing