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Android app menu buttons are sometimes all/mostly grayed out
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Have seen all buttons, or all but bookmarks, grayed out a number of times. Not sure how to repro the state.

Nexus 1, Android 2.3.6

Version: 1.0.0 (Android)
Severity: blocker



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herman.wong wrote:

this happens depending on which view you are on.

for example if you are in the view all bookmarks - everything except for history is disabled.

if you are in the view history - everything except the view all bookmarks is disabled.

we can easily modify it so that all items are enabled in all views if that is the desired behavior.

I would strongly recommend that at least totally independent top-level actions like 'bookmarks', 'history', 'nearby', and 'settings' either always be available, or be removed from the menu when they're not reachable.

Compare with the stock Android browser app -- when you go into the Bookmarks or History views, you get a different menu with only items that are relevant to that view. ('Bookmark last viewed page', 'List options' for Bookmarks and 'Clear History' for History).

It's a lot clearer that way that to get to other parts of the app you'll have to exit from the specialized view.

herman.wong wrote:

I've enabled the top-level actions regardless of the view.

Currently the menu-plugin is unable to remove items; this feature is in the menu-plugins roadmap but we haven't had the resourcing available to implement it.