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Errbit messages are not getting cleaned up 🐛
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Currently the error message log is not getting cleared after every month, it still shows logs from 4 months ago.

Acceptance criteria:

  • the script OR the setup of the run process is fixed so the script can clean up the logs again
  • Briefly discuss how this happened and how/if we can prevent this in the future

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when inspecting the crontab on web03 we noticed that docker-compose exec -t might not work correctly and changed the flag to -T.
This change caused a different output that suggested that the correct rake script is getting executed now.

The new crontab entry:

#Ansible: Purge old notices in errbit
0 7 * * * cd /local/sites/errbit; docker-compose exec -T errbit bundle exec rake errbit_custom_cleanup > purge_log.log

I've put this in TEST so we can maybe check in a month if this works now and notices are cleaned up