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Request creation of civicrm-prototype VPS project
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Project Name: civicrm-prototype

Wikitech Usernames of requestors: Qgil (a second requestor is expected soon -- we will update this request)

Purpose: Learning and experimenting with CiviCRM to support a potential project to support volunteers and affiliates better and as a prior step toward requesting a VS in production.

Brief description: The Wikimedia Foundation is using CiviCRM to support fundraising, but there is a possibility to use a CRM to support better volunteers and affiliates. We are starting to explore possibilities and we want to use this CiviCRM instance to learn and prototype possible workflows, without using any real user data. If the project is approved and the prototyping phase demonstrates that CiviCRM is our preferred tool for the task, then we will request a virtual server in production (a process that requires a well-functioning and puppetized instance on Cloud VPS). If for any reason the project is not approved or CiviCRM is not the tool we will use, then we will shut down this instance.

We don't have any special administration needs.

CiviCRM is free software (license) and it is already deployed on production. Any extensions we install will be free software as well.

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: We are ready to install CiviCRM and start prototyping as soon as the server is available, but we have no hard deadlines and we can wait according to your workload and priorities.