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Create {{SERVERPROTOCOL}} or {{SECURESERVER}} variable for http/https detection
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Since secure server has changed, neither {{SERVER}} nor {{SERVERNAME}} provide a way to do this check. See [[MediaWiki:Loginend]] as a case.

  • {{SERVERPROTOCOL}} should return → http or → https

or, as an alternative proposal, it may be:

  • {{SECURESERVER| Text if secure | Text if normal }}

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Is the specific case for this for loginend?

We do want to avoid people throwing {{SERVERPROTOCOL}} into random pages and other messages forcing the parser cache and squid cache to be fragmented.

If the specific case for this is 'loginend' then perhaps instead of a magic word we could introduce a 'loginend-https' or 'loginend-secure' message.

There already is [[MediaWiki:Loginend-https]]

;) then WP should use it, and this bug seams to be INVALID.