History comments field of new uploads includes entire page, or nothing at all...
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In the past, the "comment" field of "File history" sections of image description pages was cut when exceeding a certain size: it is cut in the middle of the word "contains" as you cannot read further than "This record cont" on File:Andrew Carnegie, William Howard Taft, Elihu Root and Cardinal Gibbons, with others posed in Pan American Union Building, Washington, D.C.jpg (uploaded in 2008).
On File:Physical damage, blast effect, Hiroshima, 1946-03-13 ~ 1946-04-08, 342-USAF-11071.ogv (uploaded on 6 October 2011) however, the whole content of the description page's edit field was copied there without any cut.
On File:Alba Iulia National Museum of the Union 2011 - Late Bronze Age Tools and Weapons.JPG (uploaded today) the comment field is empty. Why?
Are those bugs or features? What is the expected behaviour of the comment field ? By the way, do we really need the "()" brackets ?

Old: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Andrew_Carnegie,_William_Howard_Taft,_Elihu_Root_and_Cardinal_Gibbons,_with_others_posed_in_Pan_American_Union_Building,_Washington,_D.C.jpg

6 Oct: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Physical_damage,_blast_effect,_Hiroshima,_1946-03-13_%7E_1946-04-08,_342-USAF-11071.ogv


Version: 1.18.x
Severity: normal

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Hmm, how is that happening. img_description should be a tinyblob field, which should be limitted to 255 bytes... (Maybe its getting it from a cached file object from upload time that was never loaded from the db?)

/me has no idea what's with the empty comment case

And those brackets definitely don't need to be there.

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File:Physical damage, blast effect, Hiroshima, 1946-03-13 ~ 1946-04-08,


Purging that file (which reloads stuff from the db) made the history comment be shorter again, so I think it was just a cached File object (However we should be truncating on the php side)

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fixed in r103362. (The bracket issue, and the way too long img_comment)

I'm splitting the no comment thingy into a separate bug ( bug 32446 ) (I wonder if that image was uploaded via some special means like api or upload wizard)

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