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No reception of verification email from Wikimedia Chat
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Steps to replicate the issue (include links if applicable):

Once the account is made, I now try

What happens?:

  • No email is received in my inbox

What should have happened instead?:

  • A verification email should come to my inbox.

First reported at Wikimedia-cloud IRC channel with @Ladsgroup restarting exim4
This did not help.

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I have rechecked my spam folder.

@Fnielsen: Did Ladsgroup explicitly agree to be the task assignee?

@Aklapper No, but according to and he is the one assigned to the chat project. Should he not have been assigned?

Well, no. I'm a maintainer. It depends on how much volunteer time I can put aside for this.

Regarding this specific case, I've restarted exim4 yesterday, did you try again since yesterday?

Yes, I tried after that, but no email came.

Sorry, I did not understand that the Wikimedia Chat was a volunteer service.

[Please never assign tasks to someone without agreement. It's up to people what they plan to work or not. Thanks.]

@Aklapper is this not something that should be resolved in the system, so that people can only assign themselves? *(with possible exception of WMF staff where professional sub-ordination is assumed rather then voluntarism)

[off-topic] @Zblace: No if person A to talked to person B, and person B agreed to become the task assignee, and then person A creates that task. (Plus that's solved by Forms hiding certain fields to the reporter.) If you have questions, please bring them up on - thanks.

I have tried with another email account, - a gmail-based account. That account does neither receives a verification email. And I still haven't received an verification email from my first try.

Wikimedia Chat has been retired.