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[M] Exclude short sections from section alignment-based image suggestions
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Section-level image suggestions (SLIS) leverages Section-Topics plus section alignment.
The exclusion of short sections is currently implemented in the former component and the same behavior shall apply to the latter.

Port T329282: [S] Exclude short sections from having image suggestions logic into section alignment.

NOTE: based on this discussion thread, we should increase the character limit to 500. This shall also apply to the section topics dataset.


Snapshot: 2023-04-03

Total section alignment suggestions:

arwiki4524331880-29 %
bnwiki1590710299-35 %
cswiki7203450309-30 %
eswiki179285122636-32 %
idwiki3084921397-31 %
ptwiki9188864684-30 %
ruwiki176287124136-30 %

Total section topics rows (not suggestions):

arwiki37590373449447-8 %
bnwiki683947605170-11 %
cswiki40943193807318-7 %
eswiki1227698811372406-7 %
idwiki1,769,7201659491-6 %
ptwiki28812632769186-4 %
ruwiki1286718812136805-6 %


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
port short section filter from section topicsrepos/structured-data/section-image-recs!7mfossatiT335500main
Set default section char limit to 500repos/structured-data/section-topics!26mfossatiT335500main
Customize query in GitLab

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