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LocalisationUpdate not working on WMF wikis (1.18)
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Server admin log says:

02:20 logmsgbot: LocalisationUpdate completed (1.18) at Sat Oct 8 02:23:10 UTC 2011

But in my opinion it has not work.

With r99241 in FlaggedRevs.i18n.php the message 'flaggedrevs-hidereviewed' in language de was changed in svn, but that message is not updated, for example on [[MediaWiki:Flaggedrevs-hidereviewed/de]].

Please check if LocalisationUpdate is working correct on WMF wikis.


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It was updated on testwiki ([[testwiki:MediaWiki:Flaggedrevs-hidereviewed/de]]), but not on the main wikis like enwiki or dewiki.

Please check the config for main wikis.


Reedy added a comment.Oct 10 2011, 6:51 PM

You don't happen to know if it is only FR, or are core and other extensions also affected?

Yes, core is also affected. r99373 exported the core message 'userrights-groups-help' in language de from translatewiki to svn. It is already updated on [[testwiki:MediaWiki:userrights-groups-help/de]], but not on [[de:MediaWiki:userrights-groups-help]].

Looks now fixed. Thanks.

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