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LocalisationUpdate not working on WMF wikis (1.18)
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Server admin log says:

02:20 logmsgbot: LocalisationUpdate completed (1.18) at Sat Oct 8 02:23:10 UTC 2011

But in my opinion it has not work.

With r99241 in FlaggedRevs.i18n.php the message 'flaggedrevs-hidereviewed' in language de was changed in svn, but that message is not updated, for example on [[MediaWiki:Flaggedrevs-hidereviewed/de]].

Please check if LocalisationUpdate is working correct on WMF wikis.


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It was updated on testwiki ([[testwiki:MediaWiki:Flaggedrevs-hidereviewed/de]]), but not on the main wikis like enwiki or dewiki.

Please check the config for main wikis.


You don't happen to know if it is only FR, or are core and other extensions also affected?

Yes, core is also affected. r99373 exported the core message 'userrights-groups-help' in language de from translatewiki to svn. It is already updated on [[testwiki:MediaWiki:userrights-groups-help/de]], but not on [[de:MediaWiki:userrights-groups-help]].