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Add jawiki to WikiWho
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Now that we have more disk space (T332630), we're trying to get as many of the top language Wikipedias added to WikiWho as possible. I did some testing on my local, and it looks like the algorithm performs as expected for non-Latin scripts.


  • Download XML dump
  • Merge code to add ja language to WikiWho (commit)
  • Start processing the dump
  • Merge code to add jawiki to EventStreams listener and restart services (commit)
  • Update Who-Wrote-That and XTools clients

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MusikAnimal changed the task status from Open to In Progress.May 1 2023, 2:31 AM
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XML dump download in progress.

Initial XML import now in progress. This should take a little over 24 hours to complete.

Complete! Now we just need to update the clients Who-Wrote-That and XTools

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