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Please upload 14 videos from the 10th birthday of Polish Wikipedia conference to Wikimedia Commons
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[FYI: This is part of a bigger "Please upload to Commons" campaign which has been already discussed with Roan on IRC.]

Please upload 14 video files from the 10th birthday of Polish Wikipedia conference to Wikimedia Commons.

The files, according to our previous IRC conversations, have been archived and compressed into a .tar.gz archive which is available at

The archive has the size of 14,1 GiB and consists of 14 video files and 14 text descriptions, all encoded in UTF-8; most of them are between 550 and 750 MiB in size, two are > 900 MiB and three are bigger than 1,0 GiB (two bigger than 2,0 GiB).

Please use the following username: Odder.

I hope that those files, regardless of their huge size, could be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in a couple of days.

Thank you!

  • Tomasz (odder)

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Knock, knock?
I've been told that uploading those 14 GiB may indeed take some time, but as far as I see, none of them have been uploaded to Commons as of October 12.

Do we have an OK to upload them to Commons, even one by one (I know about the 1 GiB limit per day).


  • Tomasz (odder)

Roan is at an all staff meeting in San Francisco at the moment. Maybe he'll be reminded, now.

It's been nine days already since I first posted the bug, and only two files from the group of fourteen have been uploaded to the Commons so far, with one unfortunately being for an unknown reason corrupted :-(

This isn't of course a Very Important Bug (VIB), but many people from the Polish Wikipedia community are waiting for the files to be uploaded to the Commons; we have uploaded them to YouTube already, but since they are very closely connected with the Wikimedia world, we would very much like to see them on Commons soon.

Are there any updates about the possibility of uploading them?

  • Tomasz (odder)

I've no clue about *how* to do this, but maybe someone with "shell" can help.

I've downloaded a copy onto fenari now

It is currently extracting

What do you want for the description text? Or do you want it leaving blank and you can fix them when they are uploaded?

(In reply to comment #5)

What do you want for the description text? Or do you want it leaving blank and
you can fix them when they are uploaded?

Ignore that bit, I noticed there was .txt files after it got further on

reedy@fenari:/tmp$ mwscript importImages.php --wiki=commonswiki --user=Odder --comment-ext=txt plwiki/
Import Images

Importing Krzysztof Jasiutowicz, Paweł Jochym - Polska Wikipedia AD 2001 i AD 2021 (wideo).ogv...done.
Importing Michał Buczyński - Wiki kochają przywódców (wideo).ogv...done.
Importing Piotr Marcinkowski - Informacja biblioteczna w dobie Wikipedii (wideo).ogv...done.
Importing Kamil Porembiński - Prezentacja urządzenia WikiReader (wideo).ogv...done.
Importing Tomasz Chabinka - Skoro w ekonomii nie ma darmowych obiadów (wideo).ogv...done.
Importing Paweł Jochym - Wolna kultura a nauka (wideo).ogv...done.
Importing Anna Sobczak - Elektroniczne źródła informacji a dostęp do wiedzy (wideo).ogv...done.
Jan Wróbel - Koniec świata nastąpi (wideo).ogv exists, skipping
Importing Sylwia Ufnalska - Wikipedia, błogosławieństwo czy przekleństwo dla tłumacza (wideo).ogv...done.
Importing Karol Dąbrowski, Szymon Grabarczuk - 223 orzeczenia z Wikipedią (wideo).ogv...done.
Edwin Bendyk - Polityka i demokracja w dobie wiki (wideo).ogv exists, skipping
Importing Jarosław Lipszyc - Nie pytaj, co Państwo może zrobić dla Wikipedii (wideo).ogv...done.
Importing Tomasz Ganicz - Z pamiętnika weterana (wideo).ogv...done.
Importing Lantuszka - Kobieca twarz Wikipedii (wideo).ogv...done.

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Please let me know what you want me to do about:
Jan Wróbel - Koniec świata nastąpi (wideo).ogv
Edwin Bendyk - Polityka i demokracja w dobie wiki (wideo).ogv

Which is corrupt? I can replace it and see if that fixes the issues

Thanks a lot, Reedy! The file "Edwin Bendyk - Polityka i demokracja w dobie wiki (wideo).ogv" is already on Commons after being uploaded by Roan.

However, two of the other files from seem corrupted:

I've downloaded both files as well some of those working well onto my computer and checked them with ffmpeg; they all seem to have the same settings:

Stream #0.0: Invalid Codec type -1
Stream #0.1: Video: theora, yuv420p, 1920x1080, 30 tbr, 30 tbn, 30 tbc
Stream #0.2: Audio: vorbis, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16, 499 kb/s

What is more, the "broken" videos play well on my computer (I use Ubuntu 10.04 LTS), but somehow they are not visible on Commons -- you can hear the sound without seeing the image.

Any ideas what might have gone wrong?

In theory, the files shouldn't have changed at all in the process of being downloaded, extracting and being reuploaded, so I'm slightly confused - we currently don't transcode

It does show:
"(Invalid ogg file: Cannot decode Ogg file: Invalid page at offset 549624967);"

I wonder if it's indeed true, or there are some bug(s) in the current version the ogg programs installed on the servers. Which are now running Ubuntu 10.04

I'm somewhat inclined to close this bug as complete (as all the files are there), and then open another bug to look into the thumbnail/streaming bugs

Thanks again, Reedy!
I closed the bug as RESOLVED FIXED and opened a new one, 31850.

(In reply to comment #7)

Found: 14
Added: 12
Skipped: 2

My intention was to import these piecemeal as per Ariel's instructions, rather than just throwing 10+ GB into the media storage server at once.