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Add zhwiki to WikiWho
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Now that we have more disk space (T332630), we're trying to get as many of the top language Wikipedias added to WikiWho as possible. We'll want to do a quick test to ensure the Chinese logograms are treated correctly by the algorithm, but I expect they will be.

Acceptance criteria

  • Download XML dump
  • Merge code to add zh language to WikiWho
  • Start processing the dump
  • Merge code to add zhwiki to EventStreams listener and restart services
  • Update Who-Wrote-That and XTools clients

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WikiWho uses the Django framework, which has a built-in i18n library. That unfortunately does not support zh without a locale. We'll need to manually add the language code, something similar to I tried doing this without success, so in the interest of time, we may need to hold off on adding Chinese until after we move to the new VM.