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Create requirements for Design Sprint for iOS app navigation
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As our iOS app continues to grow with the addition of new features and functionalities, it is becoming increasingly important to redesign the navigation system to ensure a seamless user experience. This will allow users to easily find and access features, reducing the learning curve and ultimately enhancing overall user satisfaction.

The Task
@JTannerWMF will fill this + requirements in


  • The sprint should happen ideally by the end of May
  • The sprint should consider the navigation from the view from the explore feed and the navigation of the screen in article view
  • Variants should show logged out vs logged in state

Explore feed / Main navigiation

  • Notification entry point should be prominent for any user who could possibly edit
  • A variation should include a world where history isn't as prominent in the toolbar as it is but is currently but is apart of the search
  • A variation should include a place where users can see stats about themselves (length of time being a Wikipedian, # of edits and possibly number of saved articles)
  • User pages and User Talk pages shouldn't be more than two clicks away from the main screen and should be together
  • Consider an entry point that leads to a donor dashboard or donor related features
  • Consider an entry point to suggested edits and how it would be perceived for a Reader vs an experienced editor. One variant should have it prominent in the toolbar and another should have it one to two clicks away
  • Consider an entry point for lists where reading lists and watchlist are associated and an alternative variation where reading features and editing features are grouped

Article Navigation
Variants should include how a user would access priority features:

  • TOC
  • Save to Reading List
  • Find within article
  • Theme
  • Share
  • Search Wikipedia

Secondary features

  • Language
  • Edit History
  • Talk Page
  • Watch
  • Categories
  • Edit full article
  • Customize toolbar

iOS Human Interface Guidelines
Nielsen Norman Group's 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design
Apple's Accessibility Guidelines