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Update WikiLove extension for IP Masking
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Following T326931.

We have found places where wikilove can be updated to be ready for IP Masking

isIPAddress in wikilove.core.js--> isIPAddress
Update if statement to include isTemp check.

Registered in hooks.php --> isRegistered
Update if statement to include isTemp check

Is anon in ApiWikiLove.php --> isAnon
Update if statement to include isTemp

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Change 915630 had a related patch set uploaded (by TsepoThoabala; author: TsepoThoabala):

[mediawiki/extensions/WikiLove@master] Update WikiLove extension for IP Masking

Change 915630 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/WikiLove@master] Update WikiLove extension for IP Masking

@TThoabala I went on the de.wikipedia.beta to test temporary user for Wikilove which you can see the results below. I know in En beta, the Wikilove heart is in between View History and the Watchlist icon. I did not see it as seen below in de.wikipedia.beta since this is the only site with working temp users.

OS; macOS 13.3
Browser: Chrome 112
Test site:

Looks like Wikilove is not installed on de.wikipedia.beta

Berlin history page

T335844_IPMasking_Wikilove1.png (1×2 px, 452 KB)

Temp user- no Wikilove option

T335844_IPMasking_Wikilove2.png (926×2 px, 218 KB)

My user account- no Wikilove option

T335844_IPMasking_Wikilove3.png (668×3 px, 223 KB)

@TThoabala Hi Tsepo, looks like all the skins do have Wikilove option except Minerva as seen in the screenshot below.

Unrelated to the ticket but under the Minerva skin. When you click on the user icon dropdown box a the top right or the More, it makes you have to choose besides clicking out of it to get out. Not sure if this is as designed or not.

OS: macOS 13.3
Browsers: Chrome 113, Firefox 113, Safari 16.4
Skins: Vector 2022, 2010, Minerva, Monobook, Timeless

SkinsWikilove Results
Vector 2022
T335844_IPMasking_Wikilove_Vector2022.png (775×3 px, 243 KB)
Vector 2010
T335844_IPMasking_Wikilove_Vector2010.png (507×3 px, 179 KB)
T335844_IPMasking_Wikilove_Minerva.png (893×2 px, 180 KB)
T335844_IPMasking_Wikilove_Monobook.png (897×3 px, 305 KB)
T335844_IPMasking_Wikilove_Timeless.png (697×2 px, 226 KB)

@TThoabala I created T336797: Minerva Skin is missing Wikilove option. Since I did not come across any other issue, I will move this to Done. Thanks once again!

@GMikesell-WMF Remove Temporary accounts as this does not seem to be about that codebase but about WikiLove