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Mismatch Store: Failed uploads shouldn't display download buttons
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As a mismatch provider, I'm not able to download mismatch csv files which upload to the Mismatch store failed, so a download button is not needed.


T304794: Give mismatch providers access to reviews for their uploads made available a download button for mismatch files. The button allows users to get access to the reviews of their uploads via a csv file, and it's present by default, even if an upload failed/is not available to be downloaded.


Failed uploads shouldn't display a download button to avoid confusion.


Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 15.37.40.png (1×2 px, 245 KB)


GIVEN an attempt to upload a mismatch file to the Mismatch store
WHEN the csv fails to be uploaded
THEN the download button is not displayed
AND users can't find a download action that they don't need

Acceptance criteria

  • Failed mismatch uploads don't display a download button

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Sarai-WMDE renamed this task from Mismatch Store: Failed uploads should display disabled download buttons to Mismatch Store: Failed uploads shouldn't display download buttons.May 24 2023, 1:39 PM
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Task Breakdown:

  • This probably just requires a missing conditional

I may be a little early to this, but it looks like the button is still on the failed downloads when I look on:

should work now. ofc I forgot to mention that things will be auto deployed to staging once we complete T345859: [TECH][MSMF] Update staging deployment workflow to deploy from the development branch. but I manually deployed this change, so it should be testable

Thanks so much Itamar :)

Looks good to me :)